Our vision is to create a pleasant environment where residents can enjoy every day to the full

SUR LIE, a.s. is to open a private residence for seniors near Brno. In addition to modern housing of the highest quality in single and double rooms, the Cézava Residence will offer optimum conditions for active leisure, social activities for its residents and an attractive environment full of greenery.

For us, comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden and friendly staff are a given. Our thoughts go further still: we want our residents to be able to enjoy activities and gatherings; in short – life. This way, Cézava will be a place where residents can look forward to spending time.



Located near the city but still surrounded by greenery, residents will find everything they need to make life more pleasant in their golden years. The building is designed to provide residents with a pleasant environment as well as top, work-efficient care.


A kind and caring staff is the most important component of satisfaction for our residents. With its location near Brno, a city home to half a million inhabitants, and its close proximity to other municipalities, Cézava has excellent potential to attract enough high-quality employees. That is, people who want to work in a modern facility with a friendly approach to residents.


The Cézava Residence for seniors is designed so that residents can live a fully active life. To be a place where residents can experience joy. A place where they are gently but consistently helped to be part of a community where they will all find something to their liking. From exercises for seniors and creative activities, to a multitude of opportunities provided by the nearby beautiful nature.


In the Czech Republic, there is a lack of quality housing for seniors who want to spend their golden years in a community with others, or who no longer feel up to managing all aspects of life on their own. We have therefore decided to prepare a programme for senior residences of a high standard. I believe that this service will bring clients everyday joy and well-being, and that it will also be highly valued on the market.

Ing. Petr Prokůpek, MBA
Chairman of the Board
SUR LIE, a.s.